Restaurants in Galway

This guide is here to help you make the most vital decision of your stay in Galway; Where to eat? The city is famous the world over for its pubs, but what are the restaurants in Galway like? Here we will talk about what Galway has to offer its visitors in terms of food. If you are looking for some of the best cuisine in the city or something cheap and quick after a visit to some of the city’s public houses, read on…

The restaurants covered in this guide will be great for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even something quick and cheap. They include:

  1. Pascals
  2. McCambridge’s
  3. Griffins
  4. Supermacs
  5. McDonnagh’s
  6. TGO Falafel
  7. Rouge
  8. Lime

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There is also a Google map containing all the places mentioned in these guides, which you can access HERE.


If someone is looking for the best way to start off their day in Galway, then I always recommend they try a traditional “Full-Irish Breakfast”. When you arrive in the city, you will probably notice its unique weather. Even in the middle of summer, with the sun shining high in the sky, it will probably be raining. Galway is right on the Atlantic coast and, like the rest of the west of Ireland, it gets the full force of the Gulf Stream almost every day. A great way to set yourself up for dealing with this weather is starting things off with a hearty breakfast. The ingredients of the Full Irish are as follows:

–          Grilled or fried rashers,

–          sausages,

–          tomatoes,

–          black and white pudding,

–          A fried egg,

–          All served with homemade brown or white soda bread.

As you can see this is quite the breakfast. It is well worth having this meal on at least one occasion in Ireland before you leave.  


I have spoken about this establishment before and I cannot recommend it highly enough! This place was founded by Pascal himself in 2011 and has become a staple among locals and visitors alike. If you choose to come here for breakfast, you will be given a choice of meals designed by the restaurant’s founder. They will have something to suit almost every taste. Service was made a priority here when this place was founded, and I always appreciate the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff.

Though they stop serving breakfast here around noon, the food throughout the day is excellent, I always go for the sandwiches during the day! The food here is reasonably priced and meals are usually between €8-15 per person.


This has been an institution in Galway life since the 1920’s. Opened by George McCambridge after moving to Galway from Belfast, this restaurant and grocer has been in the same family ever since. Breakfast is served upstairs until 11.30am. If you choose to eat here you will experience some of the best dining in Galway, all prepared using locally sourced and artisan ingredients whenever possible!

Downstairs you will also find a boutique grocer. If you are looking to buy some authentic Irish food as a souvenir or gift, then this is a great place to go in Galway. Prices for lunch are usually between €12-25 per meal.


Griffins bakery has been operating on Shop Street in Galway for over 130 years. They know what they are doing! If you are looking for a place to get something sweet in the morning before you head out to get some shopping done, then I would suggest you head here. They have gluten-free options on their menu and will cater for other dietary requirements too. Prices here range from €5-25 per meal, you can pop in and get something small here to take out or eat in and enjoy the generations old building!

Fast Food

Whenever I travel there are days when I am rushed and can’t afford to spend an hour or so sitting down for a meal. Its not necessarily the healthiest of choices, but sometimes you just need some fast food, especially when you are travelling! Here are a few options for you, if you need some food and are in a hurry.


Supermac’s is probably the most successful Irish fast food chain. You will find locations all over the country, but they started here in Galway! People from this part of the country generally feel a sense of pride in the company. This sense of pride is so strong that Supermac’s sponsors the local Gaelic Football and Hurling teams (There will be an article on what those sports are soon!). This is a huge deal, as these sports are fundamental parts of many local communities throughout Ireland.

The food on offer in Supermac’s is typical of other, similarly named, fast food brands you might be more familiar with. Again, the quality of ingredients is still higher than a similar establishment in other parts of the world, as they also like to use locally sourced ingredients whenever possible.


This famous fish and chip shop (or “chipper”), is located near the Spanish Arch. Many people will argue that it serves the best fish and chips in all of Ireland, I certainly won’t argue! Unlike other chippers, here you have a wide selection of fish to choose from and can sit in, away from the rain and watch the crowds of people walk by. There are two sections to this restaurant, one is the popular takeaway and the other is the restaurant proper, where you can sit in and order off the menu. Meals here will cost as little as €3.

Dough Bros

This is an artisan pizza restaurant in Galway, located just off the main streets. Wandering into this old building you will be greeted by smells from all over the world. Here you can find some of the best pizza in Galway, lovingly prepared by experienced chefs. Though you might think that this would be expensive, pizzas here will cost as little as €4. There is some room to have a sit-down meal here, or you could takeaway.

Healthy Fast Food

If you need to get a quick meal, but want something that’s a little healthier, there are plenty of options in Galway for you to try out, but below you will find the one that, to my mind, stands out above all the others!

TGO Falafel Bar

I have already spoken about how this place is one of my favourites. I found this place after deciding I wanted to get a little lost in Galway and I wandered the streets aimlessly! The menu is great for any vegans among you. I personally love eating here as the portions are generous, filling and delicious and of course prepared using local ingredients. But it really is the staff that make this place for me. The service here really is excellent, and I have been here multiple times during their busier hours and still gotten the best possible service. You can order the food here for takeaway, or you can sit upstairs. Prices here are normally €7-15 per meal.


Now comes time for the main event. There are plenty of places to have dinner in Galway, but these are the ones that I always tell people to check-out first.


This trendy restaurant has become a fixture in Galway in the last number of years. Part of this is due to its location, right next to the Spanish Arch. Here you will be able to people watch as you look out onto the streets and see the crowds milling around some of the busier parts of the city. Or you might be able to look out onto the river Corrib and the Claddagh village on the far bank and see the homes of the fishermen, who are probably the ones who caught the seafood on Lime’s menu.

Lime styles itself as an Asian Fusion restaurant, it offers one of the best mixes of international cuisine with local ingredients in Ireland. If you want to experience one of the most popular restaurants in Galway, then check this place out. Prices are normally €15-35 per meal.


Located on the “cooler” side of the river Corrib, away from the hustle and bustle of the tourists on Shop street. Rouge has become a popular spot among locals. This is a French-Style restaurant that offers great value for money. Here you will often find locals on dates, or work nights out. They offer one of the best collections of wine in the city and you can enjoy a bottle and cheeseboard for €19, or a starter and main course for the same price!

I hope that you have enjoyed this guide on restaurants in Galway. If you want to check out the locations of all the places mentioned above, please use our helpful Google map HERE.



Jack Redmond has been a tour guide in Ireland for the past decade. Having received a national guiding qualification, he has brought thousands of travelers all over the island of Ireland.

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